Starnet Information Technology Co. Ltd.
Products and Services

Offering one-stop hardware and software services, StarNet provides clients with professional and well-founded advices, and help them opt for the most suitable IT products to support their business operations.  

Computer Products
Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, workstations, accessories, upgrades, and others.

Enterprise Servers
Rack servers, tower servers and blade systems.

Storage Systems
All-flash and hybrid storage, enterprise storage, data protection systems, storage management software, and others.

Software Products
Enterprise resource planning systems, customer management systems, network management software, B2B ordering systems, logistics management systems, sales management systems, and others.

Network Integration Services
A comprehensive, integrated network solution can deliver more possibilities and flexibilities to enterprises. StarNet provides a series of customized network equipment solutions, incorporated with the exceptional technical strategies, to maximize the value of network setup.  

Basic Network Setup
We cater the most efficient transmission equipment and solutions to help enterprises strengthen their network and applied management, thus enhancing their competitiveness and operational efficiency. Moreover, the network setup of enterprises has to undergo changes amid their constant business expansion—we can help upgrade the current network systems of enterprises in a cost-effective manner and provide more productive solutions, answering the demands of enterprises in different developmental stages.

Wireless Network Setup
A breakthrough from the constraints of traditional networks, wireless network can effectively satisfy the drastic demands of enterprises in network connections. Users can move to different locations within an effective range and stay connected to the network to look for information online during meeting, to receive and reply messages of clients, or to handle office work away from office desk. In addition, all basic equipment, such as printers, projects, and video conferencing systems, can also be connected to the wireless network.   

Network Management Solutions
The more complex the network infrastructure, the more the problems arise from the network management. As network management solution is a cornerstone of enterprise management, we design an all-round network management system whilst we help companies set up their network infrastructure. We provide various management, supervision, detection and maintenance tools, which can be applied to each network function and service, ensuring clients a network operation that is easy to maneuver and manage.

Network Cabling Services
Cabling determines the value of a network, so a professional and detailed plan of laying down cables is essential to a well-established network system. StarNet offers trustworthy and comprehensive network cabling services in accordance with the usage and demands of enterprises, and we craft professional network cabling solutions to support complicated network systems.   

In the world of technology, network security problems are imminent threats to government departments and enterprises, which may face malicious attacks and see a large amount of personal data and corporate secrets being compromised. Thus, they need a reliable, exceptional, and effective security solution that can work around the clock. StarNet provides a wide range of network security solutions, which adopt the most advanced network security technologies and can be applied to computer systems, mobile devices and Internet of things. Prior to any malicious attacks, the solutions will take preemptive measures to identify and amend the weakness in the system swiftly in prevention of any external attacks.   

Firewall is a fundamental network security function, ensuring the security of the internal network. Effectively blocking most network ports and monitoring a small number of ports for specific usage, firewall reduces threats to a low level.   

Virtual Private Network(VPN)
Through the setup of a virtual private network (VPN), a secured connection, users can safely access a corporate network, and send and receive data of the company via Internet. All the information transmitted via this secured connection is encrypted and decrypted to ensure the security of information. VPN is suitable for the connection between headquarters and subsidiaries so that users can have secured access to the internal network of the company.

Unified Threated Management(UTM)
Unified Threat Management (UTM) is the most flexible network security solution integrating many security functions like firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, filtering and network management. It can effectively safeguard the security of internal network of enterprises, while it records the online behaviors of all users, including their browsing history, email records, FTP, and instant messages.  

StarNet offers corporate clients software and hardware maintenance services: a professional team regularly undertakes the maintenance work to ensure the effective and secured operations of hardware, software, systems, networks and servers. We can promptly resolve any problems when they arise, and prepare more comprehensive preventive measures after identifying the causes of problems.

Maintenance services include:

  • An evaluation report and a corrective action report are available, after all hardware, software and networks are checked following the launch of the maintenance services
  • Regular on-site inspections on the conditions and updates of servers to ensure their stable operation
  • Regular hardware cleaning
  • Regular checks on operating systems, security systems, program updates and operation
  • Regular data backup
  • A monthly inspection report is available for clients to understand the conditions of their IT systems, while a corrective action report is also included
  • Maintenance of the operation of email system
  • Maintenance of the shared settings and operation among users
  • Remote control support in case of any emergencies of users
  • For any problems that cannot be resolved through remote control support, on-site maintenance services are available

Cloud computing has become the latest IT trend. According to many researches, senior executives worldwide believe cloud computing can bring reforms to enterprises. Existing in different formats in different industries, cloud computing is basically divided as cloud storage, cloud backup and cloud infrastructure. StarNet boasts professional network engineers, who can tailor-make the best cloud computing proposals for corporate clients together with reliable and user-friendly cloud products, allowing clients to access data and information in a secured environment at anytime and anywhere.

Cloud Storage
Provide unlimited online storage to which users can access via application programming interface (API), including data and picture storage, and system backup. Wherever you are, you can access cloud storage services without the hassle of setting up any extra storage system and management, thus saving your operating costs.

Cloud Backup
A reliable, secured and cost-effective backup solution, in which the users’ data are stored on foreign cloud servers. In case of any local accident, the important data and information stored on cloud servers will not be affected and any restoration can be carried out promptly following the accident.  

Cloud Infrastructure Services
Provide virtualized infrastructure services that enterprises don’t have to invest in building rooms, servers and network equipment of the traditional data centers. These are all replaced by the most advanced virtualized servers and network services for enterprises to set up their own operating systems.

For government departments or enterprises, their operations, communications, data processing and daily administrative work are inseparable from IT, so the availability and stability of their computer hardware, software and systems are of paramount importance. However, given the lack of manpower and other human resources problems, enterprises may not have their own IT departments. Outsourcing a reliable partner is the most effective solution for these enterprises, which can focus on their core businesses while have their IT problems resolved by other parties.

The professional team of StarNet has years of experiences in the IT segment, excelling in different operating systems like Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux, as well as familiar with various products and technologies. Together with an in-depth insight of the operation models of different industries, the team can provide prompt and suitable services for clients, repairing their computers, servers, emails, networks and others while ensuring the smooth and uninterrupted operation for enterprises.

IT support includes:

  • Computer hardware installation and configuration
  • Operating system installation and configuration
  • Network printer configuration
  • IT equipment relocation service
  • Rental of hardware equipment
  • Backup, encryption, restoration or destruction of data
  • Antivirus software installation or update
  • Corporate website and email system
  • Internet browser and other applications
  • Regular checks on servers and network security

StarNet provides one-stop IT assessment and consulting services and our professional IT consulting team has extensive IT-related working experiences. Apart from the professional expertise, the team has a clear grasp of the local business environment and can come up with customized solutions for enterprises in different sectors to help them resolve their problems. For small-and-medium-sized enterprises, their partnership with StarNet equals to having an IT department of a large corporation. From consultants, management and technical specialists, they are all at your service.

Assessment and consulting services include:

  • Design for corporate computers and network infrastructure
  • Data collection and analysis of conditions of computer equipment, while a corrective action report is also available
  • Consultancy for IT infrastructure and project management
  • Solution for multi-function printing system
  • Contingency plan
  • IT equipment relocation plan
  • Network system and security solutions
  • Regular management and technical review meetings